Catch on Fire

Greetings Beautiful Cascade Family and Friends!


Have you checked your temperature lately? During the chilly moments of this winter season, many of us are mindful of wrapping ourselves up to keep warm. Whether we cling to our overcoats or scarves, boots or mittens, most of us recognize that living a healthy lifestyle requires us keeping our bodies warm.


In a similar way, living a healthy life as Christians requires that we stay wrapped up in the warm presence of God. God’s love is like a fire that warms our hearts. As such, the more time that we spend in conversation with God with our families, friends and our Church, the more we will radiate the love of Jesus Christ to everyone we meet. (Acts 2:1-11)


Dwelling in and sharing the love of Jesus is especially urgent in every season.  In our daily experiences, we are confronted with the reality that apart from God’s gracious, saving love, our world can be a very cold place. Painful expressions of hatred, racism, violence, and selfishness can feel like they are freezing our hopes and dreams to death.


The good news is this: Jesus’ warm love for us never burns out! As we grow deeper in our experience of His love throughout our Christian journey, God sends us to spark the fire of Christlike love in every person and in situations we encounter.  Here are five ways you can fan the flames of God’s love in your heart and in the hearts of others in your schools, your families, and your neighborhood:


  • Be Friendly.  Find ways to be kind to others, whether it be a smile, a hug, a generous tip, a meal for someone who is hungry, or a listening ear to someone who has been ignored.


  • Invite others into a Christlike experience; such as a small group, a meal at your home, a worship service at church, or a mission opportunity.


  • Receive God’s love daily through regular times of prayer, individually and collectively.


  • Engage your gifts in ministry; God has blessed you to be a blessing!


  • Share the story of what God has done in your life, and invite others into that story.


When each of us catches on fire with the love of Jesus Christ, God’s grace, compassion and love will spread like wildfire. Together, we can warm up this world!


With Christlike love,



Rev. Robert S. King

Associate Pastor