Greetings Cascade Family and Friends,

I would like to share a modified version of the message I delivered on Sunday morning.  My focus was on CHOICES.  I believe that through the choices we make, we have an opportunity to witness to our faith more often than we realize.  Using the familiar story of the three Hebrew boys in Daniel 3:28 as the text of the sermon, I pointed out three choices that the Hebrew boys made that we should apply to daily living.

  1. We should always Trust God, especially in the face of adversity.  Many of us, if we are honest with ourselves, have a much easier time trusting God when things are going well and in our favor.  The problem with that is it doesn’t require faith to enjoy God’s goodness, freely given.  God wants us to trust that He is always faithful!  Our trust in God cannot be situational or based upon circumstances.
  2. We should say, “NO” to the “Powers that be.”  The point is:  We should be very clear and careful about what or who we allow to influence our choices.  In other words, determine what your motivation is for the choices you make.  If our motivation is not to please or honor God, then we run the risk of making wrong choices.  Are there persons or things in your life that you allow to influence you in ways that you don’t like? Why?
  3. We should be willing to suffer for God.  The three Hebrew boys yielded up their bodies to be burned rather than serve any god other than their God!  How far does your faith take you?  During this Lenten Season, we are reminded of how far Jesus went to save us.  I am convinced that our willingness to go is all that God requires or expects.  Are you willing to suffer?

As we continue to journey down this path of repentance, renewal, and restoration, I pray that we will continuously find ourselves declaring to God and the world, “I’ll go. I’ll go.  If the Lord needs somebody, here am I; Lord, send me.”



Pastor Lawrence L. Young