Nurture Division

Nurture Division

December 31, 2018
Watch Our Worship on TV!
Watch our Worship on TV on AIB Sundays at 8:30 pm Fridays at 12:00 am Learn More
Time 12:00 AM
December 31, 2018
RECHARGE WEDNESDAY Every Wednesday at 7:00 PM Learn More
Time 7:00 PM
December 31, 2018
Baptism 101
Adults and Parents of children who are candidates for baptism class are expected to attend a baptism class.  Classes are held monthly, every second (2nd) Wednesday from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm. Registration is required. Learn More
Time 8:00 PM

This division will ensure (a) spiritual development, (b) training and development, (c) effective use of technology, (d) membership involvement, (e) membership assessment and communication, and (f) participation in the development process.

Caregivers Ministry
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The mission of the Caregivers Ministry is to provide visitation to members of the congregation who are homebound, hospitalized and in nursing homes and personal care homes.  In addition, we will serve as lay counselors to entrust and support the people with compassion, openness, empathy and sensitivity.


Christian Education Ministry
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The mission of Cascade Christian Education is to bring about Christian spiritual formation and growth for children, youth, and adults through age appropriate instruction, resources and developmental opportunities. 


Discipleship Ministry
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The mission of the Discipleship Ministry is to create and sustain strategies that promote the continuous involvement of all members in the life of the church with special focus on providing orientation, confirmation and support of new members and the reclamation of members who may have become disconnected from the church.


Health & Wellness Ministry
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The mission of Health and Wellness ministry is to empower the congregation and the larger community to improve the level of wellness by modeling an understanding of the Christian nature of health and wholeness.


Marriage Enrichment Ministry
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The Marriage Enrichment Ministry seeks to strengthen and support relationships of married couples through scriptural studies and sharing of experiences.


Prayer Ministry
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The Prayer Ministry ensures that prayers are made for the needs of the church body as aligned with the pastor’s vision, to pray for the needs of the community and the world.


Resurrection Ministry
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The mission of the Resurrection Ministry is to meet people at their time of emotional need and provide them with support that helps them to heal, from the trials and tribulations that are a natural part of living. We do this through our support groups that include: Grief Support; Partnership Against Domestic Violence (PADV) – Provide support for victims of domestic violence; and Caretakers Support. The ministry also makes referrals to available community social service resources and identifies articles, books and other materials to disseminate to group members that promote insight into the group's areas of focus. 


Stewardship Ministry
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The Stewardship Ministry is an umbrella ministry that promotes partnerships among other ministires and helps the congregation learn more about various ways to serve and commit to tithing. Our major projects include the coordination of churchwide involvement in ministries through the Annual Ministry Expo each January as part of Commitment Sunday and the production of videos sharing our members' tithing experiences.