“I pray for you, you pray for me, and watch God change things.”

Cascade UMC Family and Friends,


Greetings from the 151st session of the North Georgia Annual Conference.  This year’s conference is bittersweet because it means the end of my service to you as your associate pastor. The Conference also signifies a new opportunity for me to serve as full-time senior pastor at St. Timothy UMC.  This growth in my ministry is made possible through your loving, kind support and encouragement during my time with you at Cascade.  I am grateful to all of you for your spirit of discipleship, your awesome praise and worship, and your hearts that are full of love and generosity.


I will always remember my time with you as I continue to press forward to fulfill the calling God has placed on my life.  Likewise, I am sure all of you have memories that you will keep.  Our memories anchor us in a past that provides identity.  Memories give us hope and self-understanding.  We need to be careful, however, to not let our memories turn the past into an idol.  We must be cautious about freezing the past and using it to fully explain the future.  When we become fixed in our understanding of events--even life--taking place in a certain way, we can fail to realize that there are new signs of life breaking out all around us.


 My prayer is that you will join me in celebrating the wonderful, new things that God is doing in our lives as we all experience change.  Remember, faith means that we trust in God.  Trust in God brings the past alive; it gives meaning to the present and hope for the future. Be encouraged to embrace the new life and new opportunities that God has given to us to bring goodness into the world.


Yours in Christ Jesus,

Rev. Tanya Y. Pittman