Increase Your Commitment

Greetings Cascade Family and Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity in the first blog of the New Year to wish each of you a very Happy New Year! I wish God’s richest blessings the entire year for you and yours.  I know that many of you continue to practice the tradition of making resolutions. It’s not necessarily a bad practice if it causes you to search seriously on the inside and then make decisions to improve in areas of your life that will be beneficial to your future.  Of course, I think it makes more sense to do this kind of soul searching all year long. Resolving to modify behavior as you become aware of the need at least once a year beats not ever changing to become a better you.

Whether you are one who practices making resolutions or not, I invite you to seriously consider making another life-changing decision.  I want you to join me in increasing your commitment to service in Kingdom Building particularly at Cascade UMC.  The Church is being challenged to help right the wrongs that seem to be way too common in our society.  And, while no church will ever be able to address all of the needs of our society, all of us can do something.  I am proud to say that we at Cascade have a number of viable and relevant ministries that continue to bless members of our congregation and the community.

On Sunday, January 22, Darrell Stallings and the members of the Stewardship Ministry will host Ministry Expo 2017 in the Fellowship Hall after both worship services.  This will be your opportunity to become more familiar with the ministries of the church and decide which one you will join and support.  Prepare for the expo by visiting If you are already active, good for you!  Perhaps all you need to do is to intensify your commitment and become more active. If you are not connected to a specific ministry, NOW is the time to bless yourself as you bless others.  Let me encourage you to begin the New Year with purpose and a fervent determination to be more available to God in God’s service.  Trust me, you will be transformed and the world will be a better place.  There Is a Place for You at Cascade.  TGBTG!!!



Dr. Kevin Murriel