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Listen to the most recent sermon and previous messages at Cascade.  We hope that you will be tremendously blessed by the “Sweet, Sweet Spirit” that fills this place. 

"There's A Place For You at Cascade UMC"

Greetings Cascade Family and Friends,

As I was reading one of my devotionals today, God spoke to me with a message.  Though the message is not new, for some reason, its power blessed me in a new way today.  I want to pass this on to you with the hope that you will also be blessed.  The word God spoke to me was, “Lawrence, I love you, regardless.”  God said, “My love for you is not based upon anything that you can do, or that I require of you.”  God’s love is unconditional, and He loves us regardless--regardless of how many times we stumble; regardless of our faults; regardless of our mistakes; regardless of our past; regardless…. Again, while this is not a new message, it is clearer and more reassuring for me today. Listening to the voice of God has taken me to a new place.

God invites us to find rest in His love for us.  Our Hope comes from Him. Circumstances change, but He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  What if we relied upon His word instead of approaching our relationships with God focused on what we are going to have to give up, lose, or work on changing?  What if we came to God totally convinced that His love doesn’t require any of those things?  It is God’s desire that as an act of gratitude and reverence, we will respond to Him as faithful followers with submission and obedience.   BUT, God loves us, even if we don’t.  God loves us regardless….

That promise makes me both happy and hopeful.  My prayer is that you are also renewed and trusting in His Presence daily.


Pastor Lawrence L. Young