Quick Action Team

Greetings Cascade Family and Friends,

It seems like it’s been a long time since I shared with you from this venue.  I hope that you, too, have enjoyed the varied sharings from our very gifted and diverse Pastoral staff.  We will continue to offer opportunities for them to share with you throughout the year.

Now that I’m back, I have embarked on a mission that I will need your help to accomplish. Hopefully, you will join the team that will make it happen.  Similar to most large organizations whose membership is always in transition, at Cascade we have not kept up with many of the persons who call Cascade “home.”  There are several reasons why this happens.  Some of you have moved, and failed to make the church aware of your new location.  Others have had a change in contact information, though they are still at the same address.  All of this is common to life and the changes we all experience.  However, we are about to fix that.

So here’s what I need you to know.  We plan to organize a “Quick Action Team” (QAT) whose sole purpose will be to get current contact info on every member of Cascade UMC.  I am telling you this because when someone reaches out to you to confirm your information, don’t be surprised; even if your information has been the same for the past 40 years.  We just want to make sure that no one goes untouched.  We may also be asking you for some additional information that will help us be more sensitive to you and how best to serve you as your church.  I know that you will embrace this effort to promote more communication and sharing among all of us.  Thanks in advance for your support and cooperation.

The other thing is this.  If you are reading this blog and something has moved your spirit to say, “YES! I’ve been wanting to see this happen for some time now.”  Then that probably means that you also agree that it needs to happen.  If you are genuinely interested in being a member of the QAT, please contact Cyde Creagh, our Lay Leader, or call Sharon Allen in my office.  We will need two or three passionate coordinators, as well as 7-10 more members on the team.

I want to thank you in advance for your continued Love and Support of Our Beloved Cascade.  Let’s all commit to making year 2017 our best yet.


Blessings to You All,

 Pastor Lawrence L. Young