You First Fell in Love with God

Greetings Cascade Family and Friends,

Today, I greet you filled with an excitement and joy on the inside, that comes directly from God!  I pray for you and yours, and that you too are experiencing the goodness of God in your life.  I want to take time today and follow up on conversations that began on Sunday, during and after my sermon, “Love Is An Action Word.”  I am so grateful to God for quickening our spirits such that we have become more sensitive and attentive to how we love on each other.  Cascade IS a very loving church that has been called by God, and consistently answers the call, to be the Light!  I believe that on this past Sunday, God made a fresh call to us, Cascade.  The call simply put, is to Love the way You Used to Love, when You first fell in Love with God.

This is how I think this looks:

Love God with your whole being.  The Love of God shown in our worship, praise, service, and witness is what God requires and the world needs to see.  I long for the day when we, the body of Christ, are bold and passionate in our praise and worship, and that gets lived out in service and witness.

There are a number of persons who really need to know that God’s love is real.  You and I are the one’s God is depending on to make that love real in the lives of those who need it. Our love for God compels us to love one another.  We love unconditionally, just like God did for us!

I believe that as we take the time again to get to know persons, and allow our guards to come down, we will experience deep and meaningful relationships, where God will be in the midst. God will provide for all of us!  God will inspire.  God will instruct.  God will be our supply!

I look forward to the transformation that will take place, both in our lives personally, and in the life of the Cascade Church congregation, when we allow God to move us to love beyond words, into Love In Action.  Thanks for signing up and agreeing to join the journey!


Blessings……………….. Pastor Lawrence L. Young