A Place for You

Small Groups are the Key

Cascade United Methodist Church is blessed to have a large number of parishioners and committed members.  We see anywhere from 1400 to 2000 persons in worship weekly. Wow!  While that large number could be frightening for some, I would like for you to see that large number as a gift from God.  Because, we have so many who live out their faith in service and worship at Cascade, we have a large number of opportunities for you to connect.

Small Groups are the key.  Small groups are established and meet according to various needs.  Seniors, who need fun and fellowship become a part of our “Torchbearers.”  On the other hand, children who need to build their own spiritual base are nurtured in this process through “The R.O.C.K.” (Reaching Our Children for the Kingdom). 

Cascade has something for EVERYONE.

There are so many other small groups I could lift up, but I won’t.  What I really want you to get is this:  Cascade has something for EVERYONE.  Your small group experience is the key to developing intimate, spiritual relationships with other members who will provide encouragement, friendship, healing, practical advice, and support.  Truly, the people are the church.  God uses our relationships to help us become like Him and remain connected to Him.  We invite you to stop by, or continue to browse the web pages and decide which area of ministry speaks to you. 

I Found My Place

I found my place at Cascade by singing in the Children’s Choir. While singing in the choir, I am able to praise the Lord through song. I also have the opportunity to fellowship with other children in the church. I enjoy sharing my time and talents in the Children’s Choir at Cascade United Methodist Church. 

Courtney Lewis

I found my place at Cascade through the Youth Ministry. I love participation in the youth bible study and the fellowship with the youth pastor. I am a junior in college now and still look forward to worshiping  when I am not studying hard! 

Thomas Cox, Jr.

I found my place at Cascade with my family. I have been a member all of my life since I was a baby. I have had so much fun growing up here at Cascade and still love coming to church with my family. I am sixteen years old now and I still love my Cascade!

JaMari Burns

I found my place at Cascade by serving on the youth Usher Board. I look forward to seeing my friends and serving Gods people. I really like Mr. Adams who works with us. I like wearing my bow tie!

D.J. Roman

I Found My Place at Cascade United Methodist Church

My mantra since childhood has been service. I was born, raised and guided to be of service to others.  To only be concerned with the fruit and ignore the root is not only a disservice to our ancestors, but also a neglect of our Lord and Savior who taught us to treat our neighbors as we would want to be treated.

With this in mind, when I came to Cascade in1986, I joined the Chancel Choir because of my love of music. I have also served as a member of Staff, Parish-Relations Committee, Torchbearers, Health and Wellness, Evangelism, Scholarship Committee and Stephen’s Ministries.

Unfortunately, I “lost” my voice and had to hang up my Chancel Choir robe; but I was thrown in the briar patch when I joined the Christian Doorkeepers Usher Board. You see, I was not aware this board was for young adults.  As I began to serve and take notice, the youthful faces got my attention; so, I offered to relinquish my membership.  But the ‘Sweet, Sweet Spirit” that inspired me to join this group prevailed.  Yes, they asked me to stay! So, if you see me on duty on 4th Sunday as the most senior member of this board, you will understand. I am also a member of the Caregivers Ministry–so very dear to my heart–to cheer our members who are not well through cards, calls and/or visits.  Currently, I am enrolled in a beginner’s signing workshop as a pre-requisite for our Hands of Faith Ministry.

God calls us to a blessed process of learning so that we will not be barren or unfaithful; and with this assurance, we grow into productive service in His name and for His honor.  My place is an ongoing, evolving road of service.

Juliette T. Amey

Next Steps

We believe growing people change. Wherever you are in life, whatever is going on, you will always have a next step to take as you grow.