Young Peoples Division (YPD)

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The purpose of the Acolyte Ministry is to foster commitment and devotion to God by training youth to be servant leaders through active participation in the worship service.  Acolytes carry the symbols of our faith and bring in the light as witnesses of Christ to commence the worship service and take the light out into the world to signify the Lord’s presence with us at the conclusion of the worship service.

Children’s Ministry
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The purpose of the Children’s Ministry is to provide age-appropriate Christian education enrichment and fellowship opportunities for children ages 0-12 by providing supportive, nurturing programming to the small children and tween populations and their families and by facilitating their spiritual growth thereby ensuring the development of strong, deep roots in the Christian faith and United Methodism. 

Christian Education YPD
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The purpose of the Christian Education Ministry within the Young People’s Division is to glorify Jesus Christ by sharing God’s love with those who may not know Him, surrounding youth with opportunities for spiritual growth in safe learning environments, and sending them forth equipped and empowered to make disciples for Jesus Christ.  Christian Education YPD includes bible study classes for children (The R.O.C.K.), youth and young adults; confirmation class and vacation bible school.

Confirmation Class
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The purpose of Confirmation Class is to help our young people “confirm” their faith through learning about the life of Jesus Christ and why they are a vital part of the Kingdom of God and the Church.  This enlightening and transformative experience includes instruction on the history of the United Methodist denomination and how young people are expected to live out their faith as Christians who affirm a Wesleyan theology.  Participants in Confirmation Class must be at least 12 years old.

Higher Education and Campus Ministry (HECM)
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The purpose of the Cascade Higher Education and Campus Ministry (HECM) is to maintain and promote the value of higher education at all levels—undergraduate and post graduate—as an equalizer in the social structure through identifying and awarding resources, promoting the integration of faith and secular life experiences and celebrating higher education achievement. Our goals:

  1. Maintain continuous and interactive communication between Cascade and the local higher education community.
  2. Promote the value of higher education achievement at all levels—undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate.
  3. Develop and implement programs and promote opportunities for college and university students to explore the integration of faith and secular life experiences.
  4. Provide opportunities for Cascade United Methodist Church parishioners to support higher education achievement and aspirations. Develop and present programs that inform CUMC members of current and historical efforts to celebrate education.

​Higher Education and Campus Ministry Scholarship Program. The application deadline is the second Friday in February of every year. Please visit our How To’s page for more information on our Scholarship Program.

Scouting – Boys
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The purpose of the Boy Scouting program is to build character, learn citizenship, and develop personal fitness in order to prepare young men to make good choices and to become responsible servant leaders.

Scouting – Girls
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The purpose of the Girl Scouting program is to build young ladies of courage, confidence and character in order to make the world a better place by serving God, their country and their community. 

Young Adult Ministry
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The purpose of the Young Adult Ministry is to create an environment where 20 and 30 somethings are engaged in worship and ministry while striving to be more Christ-centered through Christian education, spiritual uplift and service.  Through four prongs: Intermix (Mixers), Institution (Bible Study & Christian Education), Ideals (Service), and Invitation (Fellowship & Social Gatherings), the Young Adult Ministry serves as a resource and guiding light celebrating and propelling young adults and their love for Jesus Christ forward.

Youth Ministry
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The purpose of the Youth Ministry is to inspire young people to live passionately for Jesus Christ using His teachings as their standard for daily living in an environment that promotes faith, fellowship and fun.  The Youth Ministry provides an opportunity for young people to identify and refine their spiritual gifts, fellowship meaningfully, navigate real-world issues and realize their unlimited potential all while empowering them to lead the way.

Youth Ushers
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The purpose of the Youth Usher Board is to serve the Lord as official doorkeepers by greeting worshipers with love and assisting during the worship services.  The Youth Usher Board also serves to develop commitment, poise and leadership skills in young people through their service as an integral part of the worship experience.

Christian Rites of Passage, Inc. (CRoP) Program
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“To provide teenage youth of the Global Community a stimulating cultural, educationally diverse and community service conscious program while recognizing Christian leadership.”

“Youth who have demonstrated exceptional Christian leadership by transitioning through twelve (12) Christian Rites of passage will be invited to participate in a Débutante and Beau Recognition Celebration.”  Eligibility: Youths entering grades 10 and 11.

Christian Rites of Passage Key Messages:  

  • Nurturing spiritual growth
  • Building humanity, kindness and compassion
  • Inspiring spiritual empowerment and leadership
  • Developing healthy self-esteem, self-pride and self-excellence